World Download available for a limited time!

R.I.P. Never Dig Down!

The server is down due to lack of interest...  
There is a world download that will be posted here for a limited time only (until the server hosting runs out) The map can be downloaded via the link below. It is 2.1 GB in size.

--> World Download <--

And then you should be able to access the world as it was left!


The server is survival vanilla style, without any game modifying additions, silly or otherwise or any in-game admins or ops.

There is only one rule.  No hacking.  Because people can abuse this.

What can you do in this world, then?

You may wish to
build a giant 100m high skull with lava flowing out of its eye sockets and live in it.  

Or gather together a tribe of other people and build a town.  Or partipicate in a megabuild.

Build a massive square borg-cube that annihilates hundreds of innocent monsters each day in an inhumane manner, just to supply you with their by-products.

Construct a TNT cannon that shoots explosive blocks of tnt that wreck the landscape.  (Or that bigger castle across the valley)

Explore a world that has 7000 times the surface area that Earth does.   (Shackleton eat your heart out!)

Or maybe you wish to travel to other dimensions and slay dragons.

Breed an army of ferocious attack wolves and roam the countryside, taking down anything that moves.

Or build a railway that spans continents, over rivers, under mountains and across thousands of kilometres.  And you don't need an army of  slaves for this!

Or swear.  Steal.   Grief.  Murder.  Pour lava on other people.

This is fine.
 You can do anything.

But, please do try to be nice.

Check out this slideshow of happy snaps from all our adventures!
Your additions to our slideshow are taken from comment posts below.

We have shut down due to lack of interest.

The server map has been compressed and transformed into a single player world save. It will be hosted here until the hosting financing runs out.

The world download will not be available forever. It is 2 GB. You uncompress it into your .minecraft/saves/ folder, and you can play it on single player. Creative mode and world spawn is set.

The comments appears to be down. I don't know why.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

tutorial link


n0 fu<k1ng h4ck1ng
I blame egg27


darms says...
iam back on
darms says...

tnt artillery of troy 600 block before it hits a mountain max range unknown until mountain gets blowing up
LordDgg says...
Gg below me that is one crazy party.
Daz says...
Welcome to my new mini town, X!


Now with a strip club!


I turned my villager farm into a strip club...
Elgaar says...
Hey :) I'd like to join this server. I'm friendly. Do you guys use teamspeak or anything like that?
RubberDucky says...
1.10! Update that shiz! Need to get me some polar bears to keep me company
White says...
Over yonder, in the distance there

RubberDucky says...
Hello old friends

Australican says...
Mighty Ducks IV: Dog eat Dog

This is the training scene.
White says...

Quality is god awful in some parts, and I removed audio due to reasons. But here it is, enjoy.

Lastly, Farron; I'd be willing to return your lost gear in exchange for:

1. Promise to never steal, grief, assault anyone associated with me on the server.
2. Removal and cease of murderous propaganda.
3. A written ingame apology for past events and the above two points in the form of a signed book.

Other than that feel free to roam and romp in any other way you like. I await your ever diligent reply.
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